Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You Gotta Have Faith

The rewrite of Chapter 19 has been proceeding apace. This is not one that has gone ahead at a gallop, but instead vacillates between a cantor and a crawl. That's all well-and-fine, and just part of the game.

The writing itself, I think, is going well. There is a kind of music to the words and a literary quality as well. The endless refining--Google Docs has tracked 303 changes--are making it, slowly but surely, better.

A large portion of the chapter takes place in a Catholic cathedral during a funeral. The problem that this has raised is that I want it to be authentic, but only remember so much off the top of my head. Research on the Internet has provided some info, but not everything, so I'm left to guess most of the time.

So now I'm put in the position of either doing direct research by attending a funeral or two somewhere in the Atlanta archdiocese, which seems a little creepy, or contacting a priest or two that I knew back in a former life. The second option might seem like the better one on its face, but that would involve explaining why I've lapsed and getting into a whole going-back-to-church-it's-never-gonna-happen-my-friend kind of thing.

Damn research.