Friday, January 11, 2008

Chapter 21 Complete

I finally finished Chapter 21 yesterday, work on which was delayed by the holidays, the flu, a cold, and moving. Other than that, it couldn't have gone better.

I'm now contemplating the end of the novel, and I think it's going to be radically different than I had previously planned, and that there will probably be a confrontation with the killer or killers. I'm going to have to turn it around in the atomic wind machine of my mind for a day or two, I think.

There is a bit more information that I feel, in order to be fair to the reader, ought to be divulged. Because of this, I'm not certain whether I'm looking at just one more chapter or two, one long and one short. I suspect it will be the latter, but you never know until you actually start writing, an activity which should occur either today or over the weekend.

Provided I don't get sick or have to move again.

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