Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Endgame, Perhaps

Yesterday, I started work on what I think will be the final chapter of Michael Drayton, Detective Guy, and the words came out in a torrent. At least, a torrent by my standards. I just pasted the verbiage into a Word document to get an idea of how much I actually did, and it came out to five pages. Now, you have to understand that, typically, one page of finished writing is a good day for me. Five page days come at rare intervals and are celebrated events.

The story itself is also taking an interesting turn. In the previous version, the last chapter wrapped things up in an ironic, almost actionless way. That is no longer the case. It’s in many ways a very traditional ending for a hardboiled tale and is kind of like the end of The Maltese Falcon and the chapter with Silver Wig near the end of The Big Sleep smashed together. At least that’s how it’s turning out. I honestly have no idea how it will end up.

(This post is a mirror of a post on my main blog, Are You Happy Now, Norman Mailer.)

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