Thursday, June 15, 2006

G ive Us This Day Our Daily Word Count

Things are starting to speed up again. I wrote over 300 words yesterday, most of the worth keeping. I'm now over 13,000 total.

Work is progressing as well this morning.

Part of the current slowness has to do with research. Since Drayton is now getting to see the crime scene, I'm left having to figure out a lot of details, hoping to get all of them right. What needs to be noticed? Would the crime scene investigators still be there? And if so, where might they be in their investigation of the scene?

I've never been a good researcher. I get impatient and bored. I want my answer quickly gotten and easily interpreted. It's so much easier to just make stuff up.

Unfortunately, I also want the book to be at least vaguely plausible. Just another character flaw, I guess. Which I wouldn't mind if this hadn't so many siblings.

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