Monday, June 05, 2006


A while back, I participated in something called National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo to those who are too lazy to type out entire words.


I decided at the time to blog the composition of my novel, Michael Drayton, Detective Guy,as an experiment in public writing. As the month wore on I posted each chapter in the bits and pieces in which I wrote them and eventually accumulated almost 20,000 words of manuscript in 10 chapters. (I went a bit past the one-month deadline in doing so.)

I hit a wall on it then, though, and put it aside for a year or more.

Earlier this year, I decided to start revising the chapters I have as a way of getting a running start on it again. Unfortunately, other writing commitments got in the way, and I have only started seriously revising it in the last week.

It is my intention to use this blog as a journal recording the evolution and progress of Michael Drayton, Detective Guy.

Tomorrow: the Evolution of the idea.

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