Monday, November 13, 2006

Days 21-23

The weekend, again, was a total bust, but I did get a whopping 24 words down today, raising the overall total to 20,686. They were a good 24 words, though, 24 that really moved things along.

Some interesting notes: The current chapter (10) and the previous chapter (9) are an expansion of a 71-word sequence at the end of what was Chapter 7 in the previous draft. I'm getting three chapters totalling, so far, over 5800 words from that one chapter from the previous version.

By the end of Chapter 7 in the previous draft, I had written 14,180 words. At not quite the same point in the story, I now have almost 21,000. Pretty good.

The next chapter is the one in the previous draft in which it all started to gel, so I have hopes that the pace will pick up significantly once I get past this chapter.

I think I had to stop where I did before and regroup. I've fixed so much this time around. Even my mistakes are closer to the mark than they were before. Now the challenge is to just stick with it and see the whole thing through.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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