Monday, October 30, 2006

Days 7 & 8

We went out-of-town on an overnight trip this past weekend, and I'm afraid that my word total was a big goose egg. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

That, of course, means that there's no point in posting the chart today, because it looks exactly the same. I'm hoping for a good week this week, though, so that I can make up for words lost.

In other news, I'm not completely certain at this moment, but I think I'm about to add yet another brand new chapter to the fold. The one I'm currently working on takes place in a restaurant in which Drayton and Alan have dinner. Originally, I was going to take it through Drayton dropping off Alan at home and heading home himself, but I feel that I should just make that part into its own chapter. The current chapter, nine, is giving off an "I want to be done with" vibe that I think I will honor. I should have a better sense of this by tonight.

Stay tuned for details as they develop.

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